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Are you getting ready to build a new website? Are you interested in shortening your development by usingBootstrap, AngularJS, Azure and ASP.NET? If so, my new course might be just for you.

In this new course I build a new web site from scratch. I start out with a Bootstrap template (since my design skills suck) and move through creating content, building a database, exposing a REST-ful API and building a Single Page Application. I wrap it up by publishing the site to Azure Web Sites showing you how to not only get your application up an running in the cloud, but also how to monitor it and handle standard tasks like using your own domain in Azure.

You will see every line of code (with one small exception) that I write. This isn’t slide-ware…it’s show-n-tell. I use a range of technologies including:

  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Template from WrapBootstrap
  • LESS
  • Zen Coding
  • Entity Framework 5.0
  • EF Code First
  • SQL Server Express
  • AngularJS
  • Jasmine Testing
  • Chutzpah Test Runner
  • Azure Web Sites
  • Azure SQL

You can watch it if you have a Pluralsight subscription here:

If you get a chance to watch it and get something out of it, please let me know!